Monday, July 10, 2006


Time to get to the gym

Appears from an article in New Scientist April 2006 that more financially secure women these days are looking more for physical attractiveness in men than power and security. The article suggests men who are not already there, should get down to the gym and additionally start moisterising!!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


'If you had cancer would your know it?' Mens Health

We were very impressed by the article written by Christopher McDougal in Mens Health June 2006 issue page 160 on Skin Cancer. Whew--talk about an eye opener.

We quote from the opening paragraph of the article..

' Skin cancer may be our latest scourge: More American men will develop the disease this year than will get prostrate, lung or colon cancer combined. And you could be among the thousands who die unless you open up your eyes'

This is a must read by all of us.


skin cancer and kids

Guys, ok so you feel wearing a moisteriser with a spf 15, or spreading sun tan lotion all over your face and neck and exposed skin is not manly--give us a break. Perhaps the post on skin cancer after this needs to be read. Putting aside the manly hang-up--at least make sure your kids have adequate lotion protection and wear hats. Minimize the time exposed to the harmful suns rays. You owe it to is the SMART thing to do. Read our articles on sun protection.


125 best foods for men

Great article in Mens health June 2006 issue page 152 on 125 best foods for men.


Shaving--Details magazine

Great collection of shaving products in Details June/July issue 2006 page 152


Men and grey hair

Well it seems all the rage now for men to leave that grey in. In support we see a number of actors, muscians, singers and sportsmen paraded as examples. Cool, if it works for you and you feel comfortable with the grey--go for it. For those who dont want to see it creep in there are many alternatives..its your choice!!!


Saks and lab Series

While we have been a bit critical on the service to men at department stores when it comes to mens grooming products we must acknowledge a recent excellent service experience. On a recent trip in early May I had the pleasure of shopping at Saks at the Florida Mall in Orlando. Not only were the staff very professional and attentive, they took the time for an extensive dialogue on the products available. A gentleman and a female member of the staff went way beyond expectations for good service. They allowed me to sample products and fully explained the characteristics of each. I was most impressed. I settled on Lab Series daily moisteriser with spf 15 and age rescue eye therapy. I have been very pleased with both products, especially the mositeriser. To see if perhaps Orlando was the turning point for the State in making men feel comfortable at the counter I randomly chose another mall and different department store chain. Lets us just conclude by saying the service in Saks was in a different class. Well done Saks, and you never know who your client maybe.

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