Saturday, July 08, 2006


Saks and lab Series

While we have been a bit critical on the service to men at department stores when it comes to mens grooming products we must acknowledge a recent excellent service experience. On a recent trip in early May I had the pleasure of shopping at Saks at the Florida Mall in Orlando. Not only were the staff very professional and attentive, they took the time for an extensive dialogue on the products available. A gentleman and a female member of the staff went way beyond expectations for good service. They allowed me to sample products and fully explained the characteristics of each. I was most impressed. I settled on Lab Series daily moisteriser with spf 15 and age rescue eye therapy. I have been very pleased with both products, especially the mositeriser. To see if perhaps Orlando was the turning point for the State in making men feel comfortable at the counter I randomly chose another mall and different department store chain. Lets us just conclude by saying the service in Saks was in a different class. Well done Saks, and you never know who your client maybe.

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