Sunday, January 07, 2007


men and grey hair...

This is interesting
MSN Lifestyle-men.

The Silver Fox? What Women Think About Gray Hair
By Marcy Barack

"The results are in. We asked users, "Ladies, is silver hair really sexy on guys?" and thousands said: Gray hair is hot—72%Let's admit up front that gray hair on men is distinguished. On women, it's just old. He's a silver fox. She's a crone. Oh, well, that's why there's Clairol.

The only thing better is when they're bald—12%Let me just drop one name: Sean Connery. Or two: Patrick Stewart. Or three: Michael Jordan. Silver's a sign he's passed his prime—16%These gals are certainly entitled to this opinion, but in my book, the real turnoff is the thinning pelt. The long retreat of the hairline above the eyebrows leaves a skinny peninsula marooned over the nose. Then come the desperate attempts at disguise with the dreaded comb-over. At last, nothing remains but the semi-circular fringe above the collar.

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